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My Top Time Management Hack

time management May 26, 2021

One of the main reasons people seek a Professional Life Coach, is to become better at time management.  It seems like an unconquerable and multi-headed Hydra, whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a global CEO.  Our desire to master time and experience a measure of ease and balance in our everyday lives fuels an ever growing industry of books, calendars, apps, and experts.


I love a useful planner, like Brendan Burchard’s “High Performance Planner”, and am never too far from my digital calendar.  I believe we can fine tune all the tools that help us live life more successfully, but tools are the low hanging fruit of this work.  An excellent woodworker did not achieve mastery because of his tools.  His saw, hammer, and drill are required but far from sufficient to allow professional mastery.


My clients, arguably, are sick of hearing me talk about turning pro with their calendar.  But that’s because they are already...

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5 Life Skills For Cultivating Inspiration

We often complain of not having motivation. “ I really want to write the book I’ve been dreaming about, but I’m just not motivated.” “ If only I could motivate myself to make those important business calls.”

So we wait. And wait.

To be motivated for real, and by that I mean, the kind of motivation that’s sustainable and doesn’t flame out easily, we first need to be inspired.

Most of us believe that inspiration is something that happens to us periodically. We hear someone’s heroic story, or visit a new country, or watch an extraordinary athletic performance, and suddenly, we are motivated!

But for how long? Not very….unless we take charge and understand inspiration as a force that we can allow into our lives, on a daily basis.

Once we are in a general state of being inspired, we find that we no longer need tools and trick to motivate ourselves. The shift takes place from the inside, and the overall feeling of it is,...

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Slow is the new Black

In the work of Life and Career Coaching, certain themes show up with almost every client.

I happen to work with highly productive and ambitious individuals, so the challenge of time management is, understandably, top of mind for all of them.  Everyone is looking for the magic bullet - whether the newest calendar system or the latest hack from the experts - we all seem to be on a never ending search to create more time and to be more productive in the time that we have.

My clients are always surprised when I share my number one skill/principle/hack (call it what you will) to solve this problem.  Slow Down!  That’s it.  Slow Down.

This principle is so foreign to high producers - and it doesn’t matter if you are a student, stay at home parent, or a C suite executive - that when I first share it, I’m met with a level of disbelief and even disappointment.  “I’ve trained all my life to move faster and faster, and...

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How to Find More Time in Life

Setting goals is, arguably, the most over discussed subject in the world of coaching.  Do we have goals”? Of course, we do! Are we taking meaningful, impactful and sustainable steps towards achieving our goals?

Well, that’s where most of us feel challenged!  

Achieving our goals, or rather, not achieving them, is not due to lack of effort, preparation or good intention. In fact, there's one reason that rises above all else that prevents us from feeling like we’ve been productive and purposeful when putting our head on the pillow at night.  That reason is our perception that we don’t have enough time.

When my clients and I dive deep to uncover why they haven't achieved their stated goals, whether I’m working with a corporate CEO transitioning to becoming an entrepreneur, a Millennial moving into the workforce, or a divorced parent shifting to single parenthood, the complaint is the same, “I don’t have time!  I can’t...

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