What do you want your story to be?

Here’s what my community has to say:

What do you want your story to be?

Here’s what my community has to say:

Carolyn is both a life coach and guide. She will hold you and challenge you with great compassion and wisdom. She has a deeply powerful ability to help others and guide them as they walk their own path to personal greatness. Carolyn is a master at creating and holding space for her clients, allowing for rich insights to drop in and become actionable. This complex ability has the power to transform lives. Working with Carolyn can be a catalyst to anything – and I mean anything you want to achieve.

— Claudia Cividino

CEO North America at Loro Piana

New York, New York

I had the chance to spot Carolyn's talent early on when she was Managing Director at Hermès in Los Angeles. The sheer power of her brain impressed then, and we kept in touch over the years. I was really happy to offer her services to some of my clients in luxury as a coach. I could not be happier about the quality of my clientele's feedback and the clear mark Carolyn was able to leave on them.

— Laurent Guerrier

President and Founder of Luxe Avenue Inc.

New York, New York

Carolyn will get you to wherever it is you want to go, and to some places you didn’t know you wanted to go. A true collaborator, Carolyn’s sole mission is to help others succeed. With a dedication and fierce drive to serve that I’ve seen in a very few, she will help you move steadily towards your goals. As you begin to cross into uncomfortable zones and places, you realize she is sometimes pulling, sometimes pushing, but always right next to you on the journey. You will have no choice but to take her along as you go forward, and you will be better for it.

— Lori Bauman

Artist and Entrepreneur

Denver, Colorado

Carolyn has and continues to be a guiding light towards my inner voice. She has opened my eyes to how I connect with myself and, therefore, how I connect with the rest of the world. She has helped me face my truths simply by being you and living in your own truth. She has blessed me with a community that has been the catalyst in my confidence and my understanding of my place in this world. Thank you for being a friend, a second mother, a coach, but above all, an example of what it takes to live a whole-hearted, fulfilling life.

— Ethan Paisley

Media & Filmmaker

Los Angeles, California

Hiring Carolyn as my coach was one of the best decisions I made for my business and life, as her coaching invigorates both simultaneously. Between her palpable genuine care, paired with her rich knowledge and wisdom that provided effective strategies + tactics, I felt deeply supported as I made important moves that expanded my life + business. Carolyn is not just a coach, she is a true teammate that gets behind you with her heart, giving you her best so you can perform at yours.

— Roxanne Saffaie

Founder and CEO at BlackBeltBeauty

Manhattan, New York

Working with Carolyn has helped me make deep and impactful shifts in my perception, which increased my ability to show up more powerfully in all areas of my life, including personal relationships, parenting, and professionally. Carolyn didn't even attempt to give me the answers (although I often wanted her to) because she honors my individual path. Instead, she masterfully helped me access my own higher wisdom and taught me the skills and tools to do this work on my own.

— Jo Champa

Actress and Producer

Los Angeles, California

I have so much gratitude for Carolyn and how she’s given me the tools to change my reality into magic. I am so incredibly happy and feel engaged in life while taking more time to learn and listen. I truly am living the best life.

— Kristi Snyder

Community Leader

Kauai, Hawaii

Carolyn has an unparalleled ability to listen and focus on the strength of the person she’s working with, even if that person isn’t yet aware of their own strength.

— Kelly Newlon

Founder of RAD

Boulder, Colorado

Carolyn has a unique ability to adapt to her client's preferences and way of thinking while still remaining firm on the points that matter. She has a library of various methods to solve specific problems, all while being flexible, constantly available, and punctual.

— Philip DeZonia

Electrical Engineer,

Glendale, California

I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing and working with Carolyn and could not give a more rave review. She's practical, smart, experienced, well-read and has brought all that wealth and knowledge to me — and I'm sure to all her clients. It’s truly a pleasure knowing and working with her.

— Pouya David Yadegar

Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Prime Opportunities Investment Group

Los Angeles, California

I have been coached and educated by Carolyn for over a year and it has been life changing. Words can hardly describe the journey I started. Now, at the age of 58, I’m so excited about life, my abilities, and the endless possibilities.

— Björg Árnadóttir

CEO of Midgard Base Camp

Hvolsvöllur, Iceland

Carolyn has been an amazing coach not only in my professional career but also my personal life. She is an amazing listener and always has so much advice and countless tools to succeed in any situation you share with her.

— Melissa Gabriella Marra

Media & Communications Manager at Piaget

New York, New York

When I started working with Carolyn, I had been retired for two years from a 32-year career as a credit union executive and had just started back at work with a part-time job. I was a part-time receptionist but had chosen this firm because it checked all of the boxes that I felt were key for my talents and job satisfaction. In addition, the company had just hired a new President/CEO and I was uncertain about how I would fit into that picture. Carolyn helped me to put what I really wanted professionally into words and goals and into specific asks. I remember preparing for meetings with her, then excitedly letting her know how well things had gone. Her vision and professional expertise were so very helpful.

I now am Vice President of Operations working full-time and feel super engaged with the company, the staff, the owners, and the CEO. I feel that my previous experience is truly being tapped into, and I am energized at work every day. So professionally, she helped me to define what I wanted and how to make that happen.

I have experienced all three and to me, therapy has many uses. It explores what has happened to a person to cause their current reality. Coaching on the other hand is about the present and future- what can you address now, what can you practice today, what can you add into your life to move forward to more happiness and satisfaction both personally and professionally. We all have baggage, but a coach helps you to see what needs to happen to move ahead and helps you to clarify what you really want to achieve. The accountability part of coaching as well as the safe person to bounce things off of is a key role for a coach. Therapists probe and ask questions and help you to uncover things from the past that influence the actions you take or how you feel things. At least that is my perception. She does not try to “sell” you but as well does not undercharge for what she brings to the table. Her business model is a really good model for other entrepreneurs. If you sell your talent very cheaply, you never get what you need as a business owner. She is worth the investment. I work for a company with a model of leadership character. Carolyn hits all the qualities strongly - Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, and all of the qualities they entail.

— Kathy Igou

Vice President of Operations at Turknett Leadership Group

Charlotte, Georgia

For years I have experienced doubt and imposter syndrome even in my 20+ area of expertise. After coaching with Carolyn, having a second voice (that Carolyn helped me find) in my head to quiet down my insecurities has been life changing. The many impressions left on my psyche from my upbringing, society and personal hang ups have been overshadowed by a stronger, louder, confident woman that I turned the reins over to, taking charge of my decisions.

Carolyn has helped me to recognize my zones of genius. Becoming aware of where I succeed whether it is parenting, or in work I realize that I have created new and permanent pathways in my brain. Even during Zooms I catch myself and think ‘yes’ this is my area of knowledge ‘I know what I am talking about.’ That level of security has been such an awakening.

I am a huge advocate of therapy to help make sense of the past and have done it for years. Coaching is about the future and I am excited to have been able to take advantage of creating my next chapter with Carolyn's amazing help.

As I have never been in an organized sport I never understood the value of coaching. Carolyn's guidance and reassurance as well as her welcoming of outside coaches to add value to her already invaluable insight is an experience. I could not recommend highly enough for anyone who wants to take control of their life for the better. There is no material item that could match the hour of ease and happiness that I have gained from working with Carolyn. One of the best investments you can make in yourself.

— Jeanne Yang

Top Celebrity Stylist and Manager/Producer at Anonymous Content

Los Angeles, California

I have known Carolyn personally and professionally for more than 30 years. I’ve seen her run her own hugely successful business when she wasn’t yet old enough to order a glass of wine, and later, for other international luxury brands. She has always been considered one of the top leaders in her former field and still has the respect of the international fashion community. I count her as one of my most treasured friends and trusted confidants.

A few years ago, knowing she had decided to change her life focus and become a Life Coach, I approached her seeking advice for a Coach for our son, who was experiencing challenges at Grad School. They began to work together, and she gave me some of the wisest advice ever: Let me be the Coach, you just be his mom. They continue to work together, and the growth, confidence, clarity, success and focus that he exhibits today fills me with such gratitude and wonder, that I now believe in miracles.

When my husband and I both retired and faced a future that was out of our comfort zone as far as where we decided to live, and the lives we wanted to create for ourselves, we both began to work with Carolyn (separately), and found she was able to help each of us open windows into the possibilities in front of us. Earlier this year, I switched to a different Coach, (whom she recommended), to focus on other aspects of my life, but my husband continues to work with Carolyn and I am so grateful for the kind, compassionate and introspective person and partner he has become. With all the laughter I hear during their meetings, I know he is enjoying his work with her as much as I am enjoying the results.

I have recommended Carolyn to friends and professionals, as someone who is smart, strong and capable of peeling away layers and excuses and finding the right road to a fulfilling life.

— Anne Crawford

Writer and Historical Home Renovator

Ojai, California

In three days I will turn 35 years old.
 For the past 12 years the celebration of my birthday had equaled counting ways I had failed to live my life fully and steps I had failed to take toward becoming my adult self.
 This year I will celebrate my existence, my achievements, and most importantly, my becoming.
 I could not have done this without Carolyn answering my call for help, for putting a hand on my back for support, and for coaching me through living a fulfilling life.

Following her advice, I show up and step up for myself. I let go of my past which clearly did not serve me. I say NO to make room for my YES. I set intentions, make commitments, and show up to play. I set rules that change my life for the better. These changes are part of my daily routine. They empower me and give me the tools and time I need to live fully.
 With Carolyn on my team, I show up for my mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and relational health. Over time, my stressful workload became noticeably manageable and dare I say, enjoyable. My solitude allows space for meaningful relationships and conversations that I avoided for years. My full-time work and study schedule are no longer in conflict, but in harmony. I now spend quality time with people who matter most in my life: family, and few friends. I enjoy being fully present while life happens all around me.

My life is not easy, but I get to experience it fully, with ease. I no longer live life with eyes shut closed, body tense, mind fearful of every twist and turn. I live life with an open mind and heart. I take up space. I use my voice. I see myself. And I am seen. I welcome possibilities. I show up ready to play, knowing all will be well. 
I celebrate my life, my achievements, and I live my life with purpose in line with my values.
 I owe this achievement to my Coach, my friend, Ms. Carolyn Mahboubi.
 I give gratitude for being seen, heard, and coached into living a fulfilling life. Thank you!

— Kimia Shahi

Legal and Human Rights Advocate

Los Angeles, California

The power of coaching! Without my coach, I would not be where I am today. I had been walking around in a fog for about two years, depressed, not knowing what to do next with my life. My kids were grown so I wasn’t needed there. The love of my life decided I was not the one. I was lost.

I had made a commitment to a friend to go on a trip to Costa Rica but made several excuses not to. When I heard there was a life coach and runner also joining the trip, I thought maybe I’d get something out of it. Anyone who knows me knows that running is a huge passion of mine.

On the trip, I found out the runner and life coach were the same person. The universe had my back. I cornered her in the spa and being vulnerable asked her to help me become unstuck. While running down a volcano just the two of us, she coached me. I had never been coached. I didn’t know this woman. But her powerful insights helped me become unstuck. She helped me see the light.

That was the beginning of my journey. Today, I am still working with my coach to create the life I want for myself. I am not allowing life to just happen to me — I am continuing my journey on my terms.

— Seema Rahemtulla

Dental Hygienist and Life Coach

Alpharetta, Georgia

If you’re looking to create real clarity and momentum in your life and you are ready to make it happen, please reach out to Carolyn!

I’m a huge believer in people coming into your life for a reason. We had the pleasure of getting introduced through a mutual friend, and through the course of my conversations with Carolyn, it quickly became evident I needed to take the advice I give to my guests — mix things up and start moving the needle on several key areas of my life.

I admit that I was initially apprehensive/skeptical about the concept of life coaching. It seemed a bit ambiguous and, mistakenly, I assumed it centered mainly on problems or issues. Happy to say Carolyn has transformed my outlook on this. (We don't think twice about hiring a sports coach to help us optimize future performance — why should life/business/parenting be any different)?

Carolyn possesses a true gift for taking seemingly complicated concepts and breaking them down into manageable, understandable and “doable” pieces. Don’t overthink it (I’ve learned that). The best investment you can continue to make is on your own wellbeing — it’ll spill over into every other area of your life.

— Molly Mathis

Founder of Mojo Active Adventures

Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks to our work together, I’ve started progressing professionally by setting goals, cultivating a deep sense of self affirmation, and working towards achieving them. Carolyn has helped me shift from passive action to massive action by manifesting a dream/thought/goal into existence in the physical world.

Carolyn has many great strengths as a coach, one being how she approaches each session with a sense of respect and responsibility for her clients. Another is her humility. I deeply appreciate her willingness to share so much of her personal life and struggles with me. The fact that she doesn’t try to maintain a facade of perfection makes what she says only that much more meaningful. Lastly, her no-nonsense attitude. In the midst of self-work and reflection, a lot of bullshit arises, and Carolyn’s ability to identify and challenge those moments keeps me on track and holds me accountable for developing more honesty and integrity.

— Gabriella Mahboubi

Songwriter and Musician

Tel Aviv, Israel

I came to Carolyn hoping to get out of a very static place where I felt helpless and limited with very little clarity. When we started working together, she gave me immense support and created a very open environment in which I felt comfortable sharing anything. And slowly, with her compassion, encouragement, and focus, I was able to make some initial shifts in my outlook, as well as in some difficult relationships in my life. This opened up space and energy for new beginnings. Also, Carolyn has a true gift in providing perspective on complex relationships and framing situations in a new way, as well as providing the tools to tackle and rebalance as needed.

— Leila Azmoudeh

Financial Analyst and Sustainability Leader

London, England

Carolyn is a master at helping you discover your natural strengths, habits (good and bad) and self-sabotaging behavior, and, without judgment, works with you to channel all those things towards the life-shifts you’re looking for.

I had the pleasure of working at the same company with Carolyn many years ago. While our respective roles did not allow for a ton of daily interaction, when I did have the pleasure of working directly with Carolyn, she was always upbeat, thoughtful, and insightful. Recalling these qualities led me to jump at the opportunity to work with her as soon as I learned she was a life coach. Our journey began during a tumultuous year where so many areas of my life were in transition (career, family, home). Carolyn helped me gain clarity on what I truly wanted my life to look like and helped me identify and curtail actions that ran in direct contrast to that vision Always there when you need her, Carolyn shows how much she genuinely cares about helping her clients lead the happiest lives they can imagine.

— Monica M. Stevenson

CFO at The House of LR&C and Partner at FLG Partners

New York, New York

Coaching with Carolyn has been life changing. She has made a real impact on the relationship that I have with myself; I am kinder than I’ve ever been and I am learning to hold space and witness my emotions with compassion. Through our work together, I have been learning to cultivate safety and belonging within myself and to slow down and ‘allow’ life to unfold, whilst also curating an environment that really serves me — both at a physical and mental level. This has given me more peace, more permission to be a human being, and more freedom as I am more conscious and aware of the power and choices that I have, despite life circumstances.

Carolyn has an astounding presence and you can feel her care and attention; she makes me feel seen. I can feel her genuine curiosity about me and her kindness and generosity is moving. Her ability to spot what’s really going on at a deep level has made our work together really transformational. I’m so grateful that she is a part of my life.

— Kobini Ananth

Economic Adviser for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

London, England

Carolyn's depth and breadth of knowledge give her the ability to customize my growth in a personal way. I now have more focus on thankfulness and a shift from random intentions to commitments for things important to me. Initially, when Carolyn gave me the assignment I could only come up with habits. Everything was a habit not a truth. Now, I can only think about the truth in me. I am reorganizing my life to optimize the truths and either maintain or build habits that give me peace in my truths.

— Suzan Kennedy

Environmental Activist

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

My phone rang in the car and it was Carolyn. I honestly did not know what a Life Coach was or that I needed one. I thought she was going to try to make me go on one of the long crazy runs. What I do know is a very good friend of mine called (not texted) to ask how I was doing. I pulled to the side of the road and started to cry.

I realized that I no longer knew what I was feeling or what my goals were in life. I was spinning in butter in every aspect of my life. We did not find all the answers on that one call but, 3 months later I have clarity, direction, and unapologetic drive. I highly recommend the expertise of my professional and caring friend.

Give yourself a break and the gift of a Life Coach like Carolyn.

— Sharlette Hambrick

Emmy Award Winning News and Entertainment Producer

Los Angeles, California

I have always believed I am a strong, level-headed woman who is able to tackle any challenge with ease. I had seen great success in my career with a solid support system around me. Then came the quarter life crisis. I had everything I thought I wanted but it didn't feel good. I was questioning my entire belief system and it came with a level of anxiety and overwhelm that I hadn't experienced before. The work with Carolyn wasn't easy, but it allowed me to narrow my focus around what was truly important to me, become less judgmental of myself, and find the contentment that seemed impossible to achieve. I recommend Carolyn without reservation, as she has been a guiding light in how I've curated the life I want to live.

— Tory Bauman

Founder at The Blair, LLC

Denver, Colorado

The biggest impact of my work with Carolyn was the rebalancing of key relationships in my life, as well as creating the momentum to take purposeful action with increased belief and confidence in myself. Carolyn’s greatest strengths are her compassion, non-judgement, deep listening, direct, honest and open-minded approach, clear perspective, and goal orientation.

She does not apply the same coaching formula for all, and is simply lovely to work with.

— Dr. Parisa Shahi

Maxillofacial Prosthodontist

San Francisco, California

I met Carolyn while on vacation in Colorado during a pivotal time in my life. I was considering several options and felt completely overwhelmed and frustrated. Afraid to make a wrong choice. After a few conversations, I knew I wanted to work with her.

Over the course of a few months, she helped me shift my perspective and craft the life I want to lead. Her approach is not dogmatic and you get what you put into it. Carolyn wants you to succeed on your own terms and will be your biggest cheerleader.

I highly recommend working with her!

— Katharina Haynes Bethea

Founder of KHB Coaching and Director of Strategy at Pace Communications

Charlotte, Georgia

Carolyn has been instrumental in opening the door to opportunities and building my awareness of different energy levels. While working with her, I had an aha moment in which I realized that I truly am the ‘owner’ of the thoughts that create my feelings, and I’ve found that I’m much calmer, more productive, and have an easier time relating to others as a result.

— David Levy

Founder of Nurture Skin Care

Los Angeles, California