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"Carolyn is an amazing person, friend and life coach, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work.”

-Kristi Snyder

Hi, I’m Carolyn Mahboubi

I’m a Professional Life and Leadership Coach and an expert in moving my clients from knowledge to action.

I work with individuals who are strong, committed, high achieving, inspiring and fun.

Together we work to remove the blocks that are keeping them from living their best, most powerful life.

I’ve had a rich professional life, primarily in the fashion industry, which began early when I launched my first business at 16.  In the ensuing three decades, I served in management and executive roles at four of the top fashion companies in the world.

Personally, my life has been marked by extraordinary blessings, but also challenges. Fleeing a revolution, immigrating, single parenting, losing a job, and managing chronic pain, have been part of my life story, as is the case for so many others.

The turning point for me was in my 40’s, when I faced the feelings of professional and personal emptiness, that I have now come to understand, so many of us experience at midlife when we realize that we’re not living full lives of our own making.

I had always been a devoted student of human behavior; fascinated by the role our mind and brain plays in shaping the experience of our lives.  I had all the information in the world about making change, but somehow I couldn’t move the needle from information to action and ultimately, to transformation.  

It was at this time that I hired a life coach.

My goals were across almost every area of my life; intimate relationship, health, family relationships, professional purpose, you name it!




"The work of life coaching, at its core, is two people coming together and co-creating a new and purposeful future; a future that is different than the default one they would experience if they took no action. 

I’m blessed beyond measure to be able to make this my life’s work and grateful for every client I have the honor to work with."

-Carolyn Mahboubi



As I co-created a new purposeful and conscious path forward with my coach, I learned that there is a scientific process to creating sustainable change.  

As my mindset, perceptions, and ultimately every area of my life transformed, my interest in the art and science of life coaching turned into a deep passion.

With one foot still in fashion and consulting, I enrolled at IPEC to become a certified life coach and began to take on clients.  It wasn’t long after that I said goodbye to the profession that had served me for multiple decades, but was ultimately no longer a match for the woman I had become.  

I’ve never looked back since.

Today, my life is unrecognizable from what it was 10 years ago.  

I credit that to the work I continue to do with my own coaches. My clients now come to me through referrals by others who can speak to their experience with me.  

Although the majority of my clients directly benefit from my business background, many come to me with non-professional related goals too.



“Carolyn coached me through an exceptionally difficult time at my work, when I felt trapped in a job that made me unhappy.  She helped me to re-frame my situation, eradicating my trapped feeling and ultimately enabling me to find the confidence and words to effectuate a change that resulted in a broader and infinitely more satisfying role.  I was - and remain - blown away by her ability to open my eyes to new possibilities that were always there.” 

-Charles Johnson

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