Have you ever wondered what’s stopping you from living your optimal life?


My clients dream big and are committed to action.

As a Mindset and Leadership Coach, I am your partner in your most important creation; a life built by design and purpose.

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Hi, I’m Carolyn

I’m a Certified Professional Mindset Coach and an expert in moving my clients from knowledge to action.

I’m based in Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe and work with clients around the world.

I work with individuals who are strong, committed, high achieving, and inspiring. Together we work to remove the blocks that are keeping them from living their most powerful life.

I’m a mother, daughter, sister, partner, ultra-runner, professional life coach, and entrepreneur.

I’ve had a rich professional life, primarily in the fashion industry, which began early when I launched my first business at 16.  In the ensuing three decades, I served in management and executive roles at four of the top fashion companies in the world.

Personally, my life has been marked by extraordinary blessings, but also challenges.  Fleeing a revolution, immigrating, single parenting, losing a job, and managing chronic pain, have been part of my life story, as is the case for so many others.

The turning point for me was in my 40’s, when I faced the feelings of professional and personal emptiness, that I have now come to understand, so many of us experience at midlife when we realize that we’re not living full lives of our own making.


I had always been a devoted student of human behavior; fascinated by the role our mind and brain plays in shaping the experience of our lives.  I had all the information in the world about making change, but somehow I couldn’t move the needle from information to action and ultimately, to transformation.  

It was at this time that I hired a life coach.  My goals were across almost every area of my life; intimate relationship, health, family relationships, professional purpose, you name it!

As I co-created a new purposeful and conscious path forward with my coach, I learned that there is a scientific process to creating sustainable change.  As my mindset, perceptions, and ultimately every area of my life transformed, my interest in the art and science of life coaching turned into a deep passion.

With one foot still in fashion and consulting, I enrolled at IPEC to become a certified life coach and began to take on clients.  It wasn’t long after that I said goodbye to the profession that had served me for multiple decades, but was ultimately no longer a match for the woman I had become.  

I’ve never looked back since.

Today, my life is unrecognizable from what it was 10 years ago.  I credit that to the work I continue to do with my own coaches. My clients now come to me through referrals by others who can speak to their experience with me.  Although the majority of my clients directly benefit from my business background, many come to me with non-professional related goals too.

The work of life coaching, at its core, is two people coming together and co-creating a new and purposeful future; a future that is different than the default one they would experience if they took no action.  I’m blessed beyond measure to be able to make this my life’s work and grateful for every client I have the honor to work with.



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What is a Mindset Coach?

A Mindset Coach is a Life Coach who specializes in helping you shift your mindset to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs.  This allows you to create lasting change in any area of your life.

According to Mindset expert, Carol Dweck, in a fixed mindset, people believe their qualities are fixed traits and therefore cannot change.

Alternatively, in a growth mindset, people believe their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point.

As a Mindset Coach, we work together to create a Growth Mindset. This looks different for each client and the results are unique to each situation. The result is to place you on a path to create a life you desire with tools that grow with you.

How is your coaching different than that of other Life Coaches?

Life Coaching is built on a foundation of rapport and trust. My style is highly personal and inclusive, and each program is bespoke, created around each client’s individual needs and aspirations.  Once we decide to work together, I’m completely and totally in your life for those number of months. I’m accessible, engaged, communicative and working hand-in-hand with you.

Some of the ways we may engage include:

  • In-person meetings, weekends or workshops

  • Online over video conferencing

  • Through phone calls or text messages when impromptu events come up in your life

  • Movement-based coaching where we will work while moving through nature

  • Conversing over a 3rd-party coaching app that allows for emotions-based feedback and daily dialogue, if desired

Our weekly sessions are the anchor for our work, creating momentum, and uncovering insights.  However, growth often takes place between sessions, and I’m right there with you.

Who is the ideal candidate for your style of coaching?

My clients vary across age and gender lines.  In one 6 month period, I was coaching, amongst others, a Graduate school student in Barcelona,  a world-renowned entrepreneur in London, a newly divorced single father and businessman in NY, a high achieving CEO of a global luxury brand,  a mother and entrepreneur in Atlanta, a writer/yoga teacher and corporate leader in Charlotte, NC and a female film industry executive transitioning to a brand new industry.  

Working with a diverse group of individuals brings me personal joy, is lots of fun, and serves my own personal growth in a powerful way.

However, my clients do have a few key qualities in common.  

  1. They are ready to move from “thinking & knowing” to “doing”.

  2. They can’t wait another minute to do whatever it takes to start their new life.

  3. They understand that there is a default future that awaits them if they don’t take action.  This default future is unacceptable to them.

  4. They get that they are responsible for creating a new future and want to work with someone who can help them figure out the next steps and help them actually take those steps.

  5. They are inspiring, committed, imaginative, and focused.

How do I know if I should work with you or a therapist?

Many people benefit from working with both a therapist and a Life Coach.  But if you are to choose one, therapy (broadly speaking, as there are many kinds of therapy) helps you explore your past and its impact on your life.  Whereas life coaching is a very action-oriented discipline with the goal of creating a road map and actionable steps towards your future. Accountability is an integral part of coaching and what sets it apart from other modalities.

You have a robust background in business. Will you help me launch/grow my business?

This is one of my favorite questions because the answer is always a resounding yes!  I have over 20 years of experience in both launching and managing businesses. In addition, for a number of years, I served as a business strategy consultant for numerous small to medium sized businesses.  This was all before I launched my own full time life coaching business, which continues to grow.

Helping entrepreneurs is one of my passions and brings me immense joy.

How does someone become a Certified Professional Life Coach?

Anyone can call themselves a Life Coach and there are many extraordinary and successful coaches who have no certification at all. My certification is from the globally respected school, Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), which meets the high standards of the governing body of this industry, The International Coach Federation (ICF).

Having said that, because life coaching is a combination of art and science, I felt strongly about learning the fundamentals of this work in a more structured manner. Creating change is the foundation of this work and I wanted to learn everything there is to learn about this process. So for me, it was important to make the investment of resources necessary to become certified.  

How long does this work take?

A life coach is like a personal trainer for your mindset, so the short answer is that you can work with a coach as long as you want to keep growing.  Coaching does not come from the world of medicine; it comes from the world of sports and entertainment. Most high achievers in business, entertainment, and sports continuously work with a coach.

In my practice, I ask my clients to make a minimum commitment of 3 months.  The success of our work is 100% dependent on your level of commitment to showing up for yourself and actually doing the work. Your progress will build on itself, sometimes exponentially, and within 3 months you will be well on your way to handling the challenges of your life with a new, winning mindset that will have you moving steadily forward towards your goals.

A commitment of 6-12 months will ensure a total transformation of any and all areas of your life, including your career, intimate relationships, parenting, social relationships and your physical/emotional health and well being.  

How do we start?

We start with a brief call to assess your present situation and whether Mindset Coaching is the appropriate modality to support you in achieving your goals.

Next, we make time for a Complimentary Deep Coaching Conversation. The purpose of this conversation is not for me to talk to you about the “concept” of coaching.  This is a commitment of time and effort on both our behalves so you gain a real “experience” of what coaching with me would be like.

At the end of the session, we will decide together whether we’re a match and if so, we will work through the details.



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Molly Mathis


“If you’re looking to create real clarity and momentum in your life and you are ready to make it happen, please reach out to Carolyn!

I’m a huge believer in people coming into your life for a reason. We had the pleasure of getting introduced through a mutual friend, and through the course of my conversations with Carolyn, it quickly became evident I needed to take the advice I give to my guests — mix things up and start moving the needle on several key areas of my life.

I admit that I was initially apprehensive/skeptical about the concept of life coaching. It seemed a bit ambiguous and, mistakenly, I assumed it centered mainly on problems or issues. Happy to say Carolyn has transformed my outlook on this. (We don't think twice about hiring a sports coach to help us optimize future performance — why should life/business/parenting be any different?)

Carolyn possesses a true gift for taking seemingly complicated concepts and breaking them down into manageable, understandable and “doable” pieces.

Don’t overthink it (I’ve learned that). The best investment you can continue to make is on your own wellbeing — it’ll spill over into every other area of your life.”

Kayvan Gabbay

New York City

“Carolyn is one of the best life coaches that I’ve ever worked with over the years.  Her ability to bring clarity, a sense of peace, and to the create agility to get your goals done, is impeccable. I highly recommend Carolyn.  It’s been a pleasure working with her.”

Charles Johnson

Thousand Oaks

“Carolyn coached me through an exceptionally difficult time at my work, when I felt trapped in a job that made me unhappy.  She helped me to re-frame my situation, eradicating my trapped feeling and ultimately enabling me to find the confidence and words to effectuate a change that resulted in a broader and infinitely more satisfying role.  I was - and remain - blown away by her ability to open my eyes to new possibilities that were always there.” 

David Levy

Los Angeles

“I usually don't give five star ratings to anyone unless they truly deserve it. It means that they have to be 100%, not even a 95%. I can confidently say that Carolyn is the best!

Within a very short period of time, she was able to open up doors for me which I didn't even know existed. While working with her, life becomes much clearer and challenges turn into possibilities. She helped me create foundational principles that have served me in all life situations, be it business or personal. Carolyn is highly intuitive and has a special gift of knowing where to go to breakdown the barriers that stopped you in life. I recommend her to anyone.”

Kristi Snyder

Lake Tahoe

“Working with Carolyn has taught me so much.  I’m now living a life that is defined by clarity of thought and freedom of action.  Carolyn helped me navigate a very difficult moment in my life and opened my eyes to my true potential.  She helped me identify my priorities, and manage my time optimally and meaningfully. My days have transformed from busy and harried to purposeful and productive.  

Even my friends comment on how much I’ve changed; enjoying every precious moment of life and not creating stress for myself and others.  Carolyn is an amazing person, friend and life coach, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work.”

Linda Lysing

Santa Monica

“Carolyn Mahboubi is a treasure. Putting myself into her deft and intuitive hands has brought me to a higher understanding of self, and has helped clear the way for what I am truly capable of. She helps redirect your energy to the things that matter to you most. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create higher quality and authenticity in the way they live.”


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