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The Gifts of Grief

As an adult, it feels silly to call one person my best friend. Many of us who have a few decades of life under our belts, have made friends in different seasons and appreciate each one of them uniquely, but may not see them as a best friend, as we might have in elementary school.

On Sept 11th of this year, I lost the privilege of seeing, hearing, and laughing with my best friend, Ahmed, the one human being who was closest to me for over 40 years. His extraordinary presence in my life has been replaced, only temporarily I hope, with another friend who follows me quietly through my days.

This friend is grief.

For someone whose vocation is built on the foundation of thought and emotional work, it’s been humbling to learn about a brand new emotion, one wholly unwanted yet so intimate. As a Life Coach, I help my clients gain the awareness and then the courage and skill to sit with their emotions without buffering through the endless number of means available to us. Over...

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