Why Are Old People Slow?

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Why Are Old People Slow? - Carolyn Mahboubi Coaching

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Why are old people slow? Because the fast ones are dead!

— Anonymous wisdom

I won’t get a tattoo. I have nothing against tattoos or people who have them, it’s just not my thing. But if it was, I know exactly what tattoo I would carry on my wrist.

Slow Down!

If you’ve been a part of my coaching community for any length of time, you're possibly tired of me repeating the message of “slowing down”. But as my friend and excellent coach, Jason Goldberg, once said to me, “We coaches are in the PR business — permissions and reminders.”

Extraordinary leaders know and use the power of repetition. And we are all leaders, whether we recognize it or not. If you work in any capacity, you are a leader.

If you parent or mentor a child, you are a leader. 

If you are part of a family by blood or by choice, you are a leader.  

If you are in an intimate relationship of any kind, you are a leader. 

If you engage  in sports, hobbies and passions, you are a leader. 

And yes, if you take responsibility for your own personal growth and development, you surely are a leader.

Leader, slow down.

I’m not asking you to slow down your desires, goals and ambitions. I’m asking you to slow down your thinking and actions so you can increase your consciousness, presence and ultimately, your results.



I work with my clients on five domains of life:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Career
  3. Leadership
  4. Parenting/Family
  5. Relationships

Here are singular but powerful ways you can use the principle of slowing down in each of these five areas of your life:


1. Personal Development

Slow down the stream of information you allow into your brain. More information does not equal more transformation. Choose depth over width, insight over information, and watch your life change.


2. Career

Slow down to what matters most. Observe the Pareto Principle and double down on the 20% of your actions that produce 80% of your results.


3. Leadership

Slow down to authentically engage with people. Leaders cultivate relationships. Managers handle tasks. Decide which one you want to be.


4. Parenting/Family

Slow down so you can listen to understand and not listen to prove or preach.


5. Relationships

Slow down to look the other in the eyes. People will remember your presence and care, long after they forget the content of your conversation.


Slowing down is a practice just like running, eating healthy or meditation is a practice. We begin with only one step, one meal and one minute of focus at a time. Then we show up again and again. 

Any of us who carry the belief that slowing down is a one time activity, is bound to be disappointed and disheartened.

I invite you to pick at least one of my above suggestions to start building your practice.

You will find it both easier and harder than you can imagine, yet truly worth your time and effort!


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