Why There is no such thing as a "good" Professional Life Coach!

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Professional life coaching is an interesting career and different from most service-based businesses. The barriers to entry are low, but the barriers to success are higher than in almost any other field.

There are highly successful life coaches who are not certified, and coaches with years of schooling, education and certification that don’t earn anywhere near a comfortable living.

The reason for this is that to earn strong fees and therefore be able to thrive as a life coach, we cannot be good, we have to be great, we have to be transformative, life changing even! 

When we choose to work with a client, we are setting goals that are measurable. We are co-creating a new future that is clearly and measurably different than the default future they would have had if they did not work with us. This work is actionable, and unlike some other modalities, the difference is not only in how our clients feel, but also how they act in their everyday lives.

If we don’t create powerful, life changing results, our clients will not renew, refer us to others, or champion our work. For this simple reason, if we choose Life Coaching as a career, we have no choice but to strive to be great at what we do. 

 Good simply won’t do.

To be great , we have to make this our life’s work, and not just something we do on the side. Why? Because it takes an immense investment of time and resources to be great. 

Here’s what I do, as I strive for that goal: I coach professionally full-time, read personal and professional development books, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, am enrolled in continuing education, and most importantly, have a life coach of my own who regularly coaches me to higher levels of learning and achievement. 

I’m always working on myself, and by doing so, understand what it takes for someone else to transform. The work of a life coach never ends, but then again it doesn't feel like work when it's your life. I do not clock-in and clock-out with my job, because it is always on my mind and I am fortunate to love it beyond any other path.

To me, there is no acceptable level below “great,” much like there is no acceptable level of client change below “transformative.” To learn more about a career in coaching, check out http://inlpcenter.org/life-coach-certification-online/


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