How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

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When you were in your 20’s, did you ever think about how you would like to be remembered?

The answer from most of us is a hell no!

We were too busy worrying about how we look, what others think of us and if we were slightly more mature than our contemporaries… maybe we explored some existential questions?

But thinking about how we want to remembered once we have passed from this world is not on the menu even for most older people — even those who should actually be thinking about it.

Yet, this is a question I love to ask my young adult clients and given that they’ve been breathing the coaching air for some time, their responses never cease to amaze me.

Last week, I asked this question of G. — a 24 year old young adult who has been coaching with me for a couple of years.

He said that he wants to be remembered as someone who lived a “good” life and in the process set an example for others to do the same.

I asked him to share his rules for living a “good” life and he shared the following.


G’s Handbook for Living a Good Life:

1. Make friends with “uncertainty”. It is your most devoted companion in life and it’s better to be friends than enemies with each other.

2. Relationships create 70% of your happiness (or lack of it).

3. Don’t take family for granted.

4. Be vulnerable so people can see you — the real you.

5. Sometimes life is hard. Get used to it.

6. Kindness is a superpower. Use it generously.

7. Communication is everything. Do it well.

8. Protect your mental health at all costs.

9. Happiness is not one thing — it’s the combination of many things.

10. Good friends are absolutely essential to a good life.

11. Take care of your body. It’s the space suit that makes the journey of life possible.

12. Anxiety is an experience — not your personality.

13. This too shall pass.

14. Have faith in your tribe.

15. Gratitude is actually magical.


I never cease to gain wisdom from my clients. G. will be remembered exactly as he desires because he has a 15 point plan to get him to his goal.

What is yours?

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