The Blessing of an Ordinary Day

The Blessing of an Ordinary Day - Carolyn Mahboubi Coaching

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It’s not unusual for me to start a coaching session by asking, “What would make this conversation extraordinary for you?”

Because coaching is all about going from good to great — ordinary to extraordinary.

And yet, my greatest hope and wish for my clients, loved ones and myself is to be consistently blessed with the ordinary.

You see, in our yearning to go above and beyond, we so often fail to appreciate the blessing of an ordinary day.

Reaching for the stars is a privilege which can only be afforded by those of us who are blessed to feel the ground under our feet.



Ask anyone whose everyday life has been thrown into the smallest measure of disarray and you’ll see someone who is praying to and bargaining with the universe for simply what they had before and nothing more.


May we all be blessed with an ordinary day.

May we wake up with the same aches and pains as yesterday and no new ones.

May we be able to indulge in the small pleasures and joys as yesterday.

May our children be alive and well even if they are as critical of us as they were yesterday.

May we get to do the things we love, even if more slowly than yesterday.

May our work have as much meaning and impact as yesterday even if we have yet to reach most of our goals.

May we be able to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste even if not as easily as yesterday.


An ordinary day is the most discreet blessing of all. Don’t confuse its hushed tones for insignificance.

Instead create a daily practice, however brief, that allows you to abundantly appreciate the ordinary, while reaching for the extraordinary.

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