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It was a privilege to have the opportunity to coach one of my peers, Rebekah Weintraub.

Here’s what Rebekah writes about the experience:

This is a special edition of Transforming Today Show where we see coaches coaching coaches! You may have heard about professional coaching, as it is now a more mainstream tool that is being used personally as well as in business, but you may not know what it is or how it works. In this episode we meet Professional Mindset Coach, Carolyn Mahboubi. She coaches me around the master manipulators I have routinely let into my life. People pleasing is costing me, and I have been being just as manipulative by not setting boundaries for myself and allowing myself to compromise my authenticity. If you want a great example of how powerful coaching is, you want to tune into this episode!

Transforming Today Show *Special Edition* Episode 23 - Uncertain Manipulation


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