10 Truths I Wish I Could Share With My Clients’ in the Very First Session

10 Truths I Wish I Could Share With My Clients’ in the Very First Session

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1. The greatest truth remains — what David Whyte calls, “the unending vulnerability of existence.” Pain, illness, loss and grief are not bugs in the system of life, but rather features.


2. Optimism is not an option for the awakened and committed soul. It is the only choice. Pessimism’s empty fruit and favorite reminder, “I told you so” benefits no one and only causes shame. Choose optimism.


3. Acceptance is the one and only start line for growth and expansion. Hand the job over to your ego and you will be sure to never start. Acceptance is the Kryptonite of ego.


4. Embrace your power so that you can be a force for good. But first get clear about what power is and what it isn’t. Hint — it’s not a pose, posture, or outfit. And it sure as hell, isn’t loud, forceful or aggressive.


5. Don’t rush. Most of us get to our later years, no longer able to do all the things that brought us joy, and then wonder why we were in such a hurry!


6. Listen whole-heartedly, respectfully and compassionately to the young. And they will listen to you in the same way when you’re old(er).


7. Take time to understand what things in your life are expensive and therefore can be purchased, solved or improved with money. Next, figure out what things are literally priceless and cannot be had with any amount of money. Take care of the latter when you have them.


8. Connection before creation. But only 100% of the time! You cannot create anything — a piece of art, a relationship, or an adventure — without first connecting, deeply and purposefully to the source of your creation.


9. However excited you are about your new revelations, learnings and transformation, stop preaching! Nobody cares about your words and the world is not changed by your vociferous declarations. The world is changed through your example and actions. Just be it!


10. Do and say the thing that’s in your heart. The ego will suffer some but you’ll sidestep regret, the most bitter emotion of all.

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