20 Things I Wish I Knew in My 30s: A Coach's Reflection

20 Things I Wish I Knew in My 30s: A Coach's Reflection

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If I could go back 20 years in time and coach, really coach, my 30-ish self, she would:


  1. Realize — in her bones, and not just in the Instagram-filled areas of her brain — that she is far more powerful than she realizes.
  2. Learn how to get off the hamster wheel and create a deeply intentional life.
  3. Learn that life is long and short at the same time and how to honor both of those truths daily.
  4. Stop people-pleasing and start powerfully serving herself and those she cares for.
  5. Learn how to speak her truth with ease and calm.
  6. Learn how to be a Fierce Giver rather than a Selfless one.
  7. Learn how to slow down her thinking in order to speed up her achievements.
  8. Learn to treat her body, mind, and soul like she is an Olympic athlete and save herself from so much physical and psychological pain in her later years.
  9. Know that she doesn’t need to walk a mile on her knees to earn anything. Respect, love, money, and ease are her birthright and only she is getting in the way of claiming all of it.
  10. Not pass some of her deepest fears and worries to her children, especially daughters.
  11. Read  life-changing books for transformation and not just information.
  12. Learn to invest in herself without feeling doubt, shame, and guilt.
  13. Learn how to communicate, negotiate, and lead more effectively.
  14. Know that the grass is not greener on the other side, and wherever she finds herself, she alone is the gardener.
  15. Learn that time management is pain management.
  16. Stop the endless and futile search for Life Balance and instead learn Life Integration.
  17. Become more light-hearted and relaxed.
  18. Learn to play the game of being a corporate citizen skillfully and not as a daily suffer-fest.
  19. Realize how beautiful she is.
  20. Gain the courage to launch her own business (again).

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