You Don’t Need My Coaching…

Carolyn Mahboubi life and leadership coaching los angeles

You don’t need my coaching.

And that may be why you are my ideal client, and I, your ideal coach.

There is a paradox inherent to the business model I’ve chosen.

I choose to coach people who are emotionally and psychologically well, high performing by all regular human standards, and financially comfortable. They are extraordinary for a plethora of reasons, although they may not see that so clearly themselves.

I don’t scare my clients into this work by making them feel like they can’t do without it.

Just today, I asked this question of a powerful leader who is interested in exploring coaching with me:

“What keeps you up at night?”

He thought about it. And then he said, “I know how precious life is. There’s not much that keeps me up at night. Having said that, I think often about the future.”

Wait for it.

He’s 26!

I don’t know if this man and I will decide to work together but here’s what I do know.

He passed my initial test - my sneaky audition - with flying colors.

He already inspires me at least as much as I will inspire him. In his short life, he has stepped out of the victim mindset so many of us inhabit our entire lives to take on the mindset of an owner and creator.

The extraordinary humans I work with don’t need my coaching.  

They have a mission. That mission is a version of the one Gay Hendricks expresses so eloquently in his Ultimate Success Mantra:

“I expand every day in abundance, success and love, while I inspire others to do the same.”

My clients are already on the path to doing this work.

And those who choose to partner with a skilled and committed professional coach know a secret others don’t.

1 + 1 = 11

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