We Made it! Now What?

We Made it! Now What? - Carolyn Mahboubi Coaching

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We made it!

There were a few dodgy turns, and we weren’t sure if we could handle the curves. We were scared, anxious, and just wanted to zone out with Netflix.

We fell, got back up and lived to tell.

We were embarrassed, ashamed, and thought the whole world could see that we were just faking it and so very far from making it.

We went to sleep with tears and fears, and woke up to put one foot in front of the other, again.

We loved and gave — sometimes unconditionally, and sometimes hoping to get the love and generosity back. 

We were sometimes delighted and often disappointed.

We thought we were alone, and it wasn’t untrue. But sometimes we’d get a glimpse of someone else’s inner life and realize that we are no less alone than those we admire and yes, envy.

We tried hard and we failed more often than we’d like to acknowledge. Coaches and mentors said it wasn’t “failure” — it was “learning”. It hurt like hell anyway.

We were inspired to become better versions of ourselves. Sometimes it was easy and we felt like a million dollars. Often, we arrived at our “best” only to realize we still have a long way to go.

Still, we made it!

It’s a new year, but it won’t be a new life unless we make it so.


So in 2023, what’s your plan for loving just a little bit more unconditionally, learning just a little bit more deeply, and feeling just a little bit more at ease?

Take time in this first week of the year to write a plan.

You’ll thank me next year this time.

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