The Power of the Determined Client

The Power of the Determined Client

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Transformational Coaching takes skill, creativity and commitment. But more than anything else, it takes time.

Can one conversation be full of insights and deeply valuable? Can it be unforgettable and impactful?


But, when done right, this is life-changing work. And anything worthy takes time. That’s just a fact of life.

Philip is a smart, thoughtful and handsome young man. When we began working together, Philip was receiving his Master’s degree from one of the top universities in the world. But he wasn’t happy.

He thought he lacked confidence and like so many of us believe (privately), he thought he had missed the memo on how to feel successful and at ease in life.

I, of course, knew that there was no such memo, and if there was, then I and all my high achieving clients had missed it too!

Philip and I are starting our third year of working together.

This comes as more of a surprise to me than to anyone else because I’ve historically been extremely unwilling to make long term  commitments. Frankly, even six months seems like a lifetime to me!

But the beauty of this vocation is that if you give yourself over to it completely, both (client and Coach) will experience transformation.

Philip’s transformation is evident. He has stepped into his life and taken ownership of it. Less evident (but equally powerful) is how I’ve changed because of working with Philip.

He has and continues to teach me about commitment, courage and what it looks like to take action despite fear. He challenges me. He pushes me to consider new mental models. He shows me the power of being a student of my own mastery. He teaches me that diversity is a way of being in the world and not just our color, culture or religion.

Recently I received the following from Philip. I hope it inspires you to make this a year, not a week or a month, of transformation for yourself.

Here is my Incantation of Strength. It was inspired by the manifesto idea you shared with me but is in a shorter, more memorizable form, at least that's the idea.

Great feasts always follow famine,

Through failure may I grow faster;

Life's best things are guarded, are hidden,

Doubt, my greatest foe, I can master.

My mistakes past do not touch the present,

Courage begets confidence clear;

My discipline, energy, friends would rent,

Things aren't ever as bad as I fear.

I hope you can help other people by sharing it like you've helped me. 



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