Coaching is a GPS

Coaching is a GPS

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How did we live without GPS, cell phones, and text messaging?

Were we constantly lost, out of touch, and in danger?

Life before GPS, cell phones, and text messaging may seem different from today, but it wasn't a constant struggle. We managed just fine. We found our way to places, stayed in touch with loved ones, and generally stayed safe.

Bad things didn't happen more often just because we couldn't be reached around the clock!

Of course, having GPS and the ability to connect with others instantly has made life more convenient. It's reassuring to know we have these tools at our disposal if need be.

Coaching for me resembles having access to GPS and a smartphone. I don’t need it. I’m OK without it, and so are you. But boy, oh boy, it makes life so much easier, enjoyable, and fun.

So many of us are addicted to the limiting belief that life is meant to be a struggle.

If this were true, everyone would be perpetually struggling!


Life does present challenges, and there are undoubtedly tough chapters to navigate. But not everyone is suffering and struggling. Some people have (or have gained) the skills to meet life where it is and walk through the everyday fires, coming out on the other side stronger, not burnt.

I have always been resilient and able to get back up after a challenge. However, it was only after being coached powerfully and a decade of being a Professional Coach that I have the confidence that I will always be able to walk through the fire and not only survive but thrive.

I’m not one to tempt the universe, but I share this belief to inspire those of you who feel you are simply made a certain way — fragile, sensitive, hard, angry, etc. — and that you can never overcome your “personality.”

There is another gear available to you that overrides all the others when necessary. But it takes time to discover, nurture, and strengthen it.

That’s what coaching has done and continues to do for me and my clients.


We are capable people. Life is fine. We are strong and can handle situations.

But we would rather navigate life with a strong internal GPS. One that we know never fails us and can get us to any destination we desire.

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