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Welcome to The Life Vault

The Secret To Creating A Life With Purpose & Intention


Welcome to The Life Vault

The Secret To Creating A Life With Purpose & Intention

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This Life Vault Course strives to move past abstract theory and is designed to offer practical steps to help you achieve your life and leadership goals. In this course, I will help you understand how making small shifts in your perception, followed by committed and consistent action, can enable you to make powerful life changes. I'm not a psychologist or scientist, but where relevant, I share fascinating discoveries from psychology and neuroscience, along with personal and professional experience


Hi, I'm Carolyn Mahboubi

I’m a Professional Life and Leadership coach and an expert in moving my clients from knowledge to action.
I work with individuals who are strong, committed, high achieving, inspiring and fun. Together we work to remove the blocks that are keeping them from living their best, most powerful life.
Like most of us, I wear multiple hats, but it took a lot of ups and downs before I reached a point in my life where I cultivated the capacity - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - to hold on to the hats that serve me and to let go of those that no longer do.

Today, my life is unrecognizable from what it was 10 years ago, and I credit that to the work I continue to do with my own coach, as well as my clients who teach me so much. At its core, the work of life coaching consists of two people coming together and co-creating a new and purposeful future – a future that is different from the default one they would experience if the client took no action.
Thank you for joining me in The Life Vault Online Course and opening your mind and heart to beginning the process of creating the life that you want and deserve.

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What does the course include?

Upon registration to The Life Vault Workshop, you will have access to all course content and can complete the program at your own pace. There are six lessons in total to be taken in sequence. Each lesson has a video and audio component as well as a PDF document with practices. There are bonus exercises to accompany the lessons.

LESSON ONE- Practice vs. Personality
It's easy to believe that we are stuck with our personality. How can we get past our historical tendencies and habits to become who we want to be today?


LESSON TWO- Producer vs. Product
We were created at birth and then raised with a belief system that reflects our upbringing and environment. As adults, how do we cultivate agency over our lives and become active producers?


LESSON THREE- Be a Noun vs. Be a Verb
Willpower is a limited and unsustainable resource. How can we create a more reliable source for motivation and commitment to action?


LESSON FOUR- Commitment vs. Intention
Intentions live in our mind and commitments live on our calendar. How can we harness the power of commitment to create sustainable change in our lives?


LESSON FIVE- Questions vs. Statements
We tend to believe that the key to living successfully is knowing all the right answers, all the time. How might life change for us if we shift our attention to asking high quality questions?
LESSON SIX- Simplify vs. Complicate
We unintentionally make our lives more complicated. How can we cultivate the power of simplifying to live life with more joy, ease, and productivity?


Life Buckets Exercise
An elegant system for prioritizing your time and resources.

Life Values List
A comprehensive list to help you choose the top life values that direct your everyday actions and decisions.

What is Life Coaching?

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, life coaching did not originate from the field of medicine, but rather from the worlds of sports, entertainment and business. For decades, athletes, actors and business leaders have been working with coaches to improve their performance in their respective industries.
The results from quality coaching have often been spectacular. (There’s a great deal of data gathered by business and athletic organizations that supports the high ROI - return on investment - that results from quality coaching). However, you don’t need to be in any of these worlds to experience the benefits of life coaching.
We are all leaders - whether it’s solely of ourselves, a family, or an entire organization - and we can all benefit from improving our ability to show up more skillfully.


Coaching can be truly transformational and help create sustainable change. Many clients come into this work convinced that their marriage, job, boss or some other external circumstance is what’s making them unhappy. It’s not unusual, even after just a few months of coaching, for them to state that they are experiencing more satisfaction in their lives, even with those circumstances still present.

Invest in a future of purpose and intention

This course was created at the request of my existing clients who want an easy way to share with their peers some of the insights and improvements that they've experienced through our one-on-one coaching work. Because I work with a very limited number of clients at one time, my hope is that this course will make a humble contribution to the lives of many more people than I can impact through personal coaching..

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