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Lori Bauman


"Carolyn will get you to wherever it is you want to go... and to some places you didn’t know you wanted to go.  With a dedication and fierce drive to serve that I’ve seen in a very few, she will help you move steadily towards your goals.  A true collaborator, Carolyn’s sole mission is to help others succeed.  As you begin to cross into uncomfortable zones and places, you realize she is sometimes pulling, sometimes pushing, but always right next to you on the journey. You will have no choice but to take her along as you go forward ...and you will be better for it."

Jo Champa

Los Angeles

"Working with Carolyn helped me make deep and impactful shifts in my perception which increased my ability to show up more powerfully in all areas of my life, including personal relationships, parenting, and professionally. Carolyn didn't even attempt to give me the answers (although I often wanted her to) because she honors my individual path. Instead, she masterfully helped me access my own higher wisdom and taught me the skills and tool to do this work on my own."

Charles Johnson

San Francisco

“Carolyn coached me through an exceptionally difficult time at my work, when I felt trapped in a job that made me unhappy.  She helped me to re-frame my situation, eradicating my trapped feeling and ultimately enabling me to find the confidence and words to effectuate a change that resulted in a broader and infinitely more satisfying role. 

I was - and remain - blown away by her ability to open my eyes to new possibilities that were always there.” 


Gabby Mahboubi

Tel Aviv

"I have experienced several meaningful shifts in my life since working with Carolyn. Firstly, my professional mindset has shifted. I have cultivated a deeper understanding of what I want professionally, and what it means to be a professional versus and amateur. I’ve also experienced a huge shift in how I deal with fear. Carolyn has taught me how to shift my focus from “fear” to “curiosity.” This shift in outlook has been most invaluable and liberating. She is helping me transition from a closed, small, egocentric, insecure mindset to one that is open, humble, in wonderment, and most of all holds space for myself and my surroundings. And lastly, I have experienced a shift in regards to my relationship with money. Whereas before money befuddled, confused, and stressed me out, now I understand that it is simply a neutral exchange for value. My mindset has shifted in that I understand that money can be a positive motivator, and helps both sides of the transaction value the work and the result."

Leila Azmoudeh


 "My first most important shift was getting out of a very static place where I was feeling generally helpless and limited with very little clarity - confused and low energy mindset. When I started working with Carolyn, she gave me immense support and created a very open environment where I felt very comfortable sharing everything. And slowly, with her compassion, encouragement and focus, I was able to make some initial shifts in my outlook as well as in some difficult relationships in my life. This opened up space and energy for new beginnings.

Also - Carolyn has a true gift in providing perspective on complex relationships and framing situations in a new way, as well as providing the tools to tackle and ‘rebalance’ as needed."

Kathy Igou


"Before my work with Carolyn, I truly looked in the mirror and saw a woman who was overweight and out of shape and ugly. I felt the weight of every bad decision I had ever made. I heavily felt the loss of my parents and in-laws and sister and saw a sad person stuck in grieving. And I saw myself as a woman settling in her personal life. Quite the heavy load to face every morning.

People would tell me that their perception of me was so totally different. That they saw someone who was so competent, a “go-to” person, a caring person, someone who they could trust, a powerful mentor, a person who brings others together and on and on.

I remember the moment I first looked in the mirror and saw a different person there. I saw a beautiful woman with an aura radiating joy and confidence and openness. Someone I wanted to be with and to be like. To me, that was such a profound life-changing moment for me. I had switched my thinking from past to future and from self-disgust and doubt to faith in that woman and her capacity to make things happen.

Carolyn helped me to put what I really wanted professionally into words and goals and into specific asks. I remember preparing for meetings with her, then excitedly letting her know how well things had gone. Her vision and professional expertise were so very helpful."


Lacie Guzman

Los Angeles

"She truly is dedicated to being her best self at all times, So naturally when she became a life coach it peaked my interest. I think that if you want to seek help and get a life coach but maybe you’re a bit nervous to commit to it, then doing her life vault course would be a fabulous way to "dip your toe in the pool”. Working with Carolyn is a dream, she has really excelled in the field of coaching due to her vast knowledge, and hands on approach. She sends you emails weekly about different facets of life - “life lessons” - if you will. She makes herself 100% available to you morning, noon, and night, and encourages you to participate by giving your insights on these lessons back to her. It’s like having a best friend with all the tools for making your life better. Sometimes it can feel scary to be vulnerable, with Carolyn, she puts you at ease so you want to open up. It’s great because it isn’t intimidating or at all daunting."

Molly Mathis


“If you’re looking to create real clarity and momentum in your life and you are ready to make it happen, please reach out to Carolyn!

I’m a huge believer in people coming into your life for a reason. We had the pleasure of getting introduced through a mutual friend, and through the course of my conversations with Carolyn, it quickly became evident I needed to take the advice I give to my guests — mix things up and start moving the needle on several key areas of my life.

I admit that I was initially apprehensive/skeptical about the concept of life coaching. It seemed a bit ambiguous and, mistakenly, I assumed it centered mainly on problems or issues. Happy to say Carolyn has transformed my outlook on this. (We don't think twice about hiring a sports coach to help us optimize future performance — why should life/business/parenting be any different?)

Carolyn possesses a true gift for taking seemingly complicated concepts and breaking them down into manageable, understandable and “doable” pieces.

Don’t overthink it (I’ve learned that).

The best investment you can continue to make is on your own wellbeing — it’ll spill over into every other area of your life.”

Dr. Parisa Shahi

San Francisco

“The biggest impact of my work with Carolyn was the rebalancing of key relationships in my life, as well as creating the momentum to take purposeful action with increased belief and confidence in myself.  Carolyn’s greatest strengths are her compassion, non-judgement, deep listening, direct, honest and open-minded approach, clear perspective, and goal orientation.  

She does not apply the same coaching formula for all, and is simply lovely to work with."


Katharina Haynes Bethea


"I met Carolyn while on vacation in Colorado during a pivotal time in my life.  I was considering several options and felt completely overwhelmed and frustrated.  Afraid to make a wrong choice.  After a few conversations, I knew I wanted to work with her. 

Over the course of a few months, she helped me shift my perspective and craft the life I want to lead.  Her approach is not dogmatic and you get what you put into it.  Carolyn wants you to succeed on your own terms and will be your biggest cheerleader. 

I highly recommend working with her!"

David Levy

Los Angeles

“I usually don't give five star ratings to anyone unless they truly deserve it. It means that they have to be 100%, not even a 95%. I can confidently say that Carolyn is the best!

Within a very short period of time, she was able to open up doors for me which I didn't even know existed. While working with her, life becomes much clearer and challenges turn into possibilities.

She helped me create foundational principles that have served me in all life situations, be it business or personal. Carolyn is highly intuitive and has a special gift of knowing where to go to breakdown the barriers that stopped you in life.

I recommend her to anyone.”

Kristi Snyder

Lake Tahoe

“Working with Carolyn has taught me so much.  I’m now living a life that is defined by clarity of thought and freedom of action.  Carolyn helped me navigate a very difficult moment in my life and opened my eyes to my true potential.

She helped me identify my priorities, and manage my time optimally and meaningfully. My days have transformed from busy and harried to purposeful and productive.  

Even my friends comment on how much I’ve changed; enjoying every precious moment of life and not creating stress for myself and others.  Carolyn is an amazing person, friend and life coach, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work.”


Linda Lysing

Santa Monica

“Carolyn Mahboubi is a treasure. Putting myself into her deft and intuitive hands has brought me to a higher understanding of self, and has helped clear the way for what I am truly capable of. She helps redirect your energy to the things that matter to you most.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create higher quality and authenticity in the way they live.”

David Daley

Hermosa Beach

"Carolyn’s style is subtle yet empowering.  She was able to navigate me to the questions I needed to ask myself and would use her innate and uncanny abilities to get me to delve further until I would experience a breakthrough.  

She made it comfortable for me to go places that I was too uncomfortable to go before. Making the experience more powerful is that all this happens while surrounded and connecting with the natural world.

The sessions she held while hiking in the Santa Monica mountains were a perfect backdrop for me as an athlete and a reminder of the therapeutic powers of the natural world.  I’m grateful for where I am in my life today and the confidence that moving forward, I can craft my own narrative."

Sharlette Hambrick

Los Angeles

“My phone rang in the car and it was Carolyn. I honestly did not know what a Life Coach was or that I needed one. I thought she was going to try to make me go on one of the long crazy runs. What I do know is a very good friend of mine called (not texted) to ask how I was doing. I pulled to the side of the road and started to cry.

I realized that I no longer knew what I was feeling or what my goals were in life. I was spinning in butter in every aspect of my life. We did not find all the answers on that one call but, 3 months later I have clarity, direction, and unapologetic drive. I highly recommend the expertise of my professional and caring friend.

Give yourself a break and the gift of a Life Coach like Carolyn.”


Monica M. Stevenson

Los Angeles

“I started working with Carolyn during a tumultuous year where so many major facets of my life were in transition (career, family, home). Carolyn helped me get clear on what I truly wanted my life to look like, and helped me identify and curtail actions that ran in direct contrast to that vision.

Carolyn is masterful at helping you discover your natural strengths, habits (good and bad), and self-sabotaging behavior and, without judgment, works with you to channel all those things towards the life shifts you are looking for.

Always there when you need her, Carolyn shows how much she genuinely cares about helping her clients lead the happiest lives they can imagine.” 

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