Life Coaching or Therapy?

Not a day goes by that I don’t get the question, “How is life coaching different than therapy?”

The two have one very important aspect in common; they are both available to allow us a better understanding of ourselves, giving us access to live more purposefully. From there, they diverge in a few important ways. 

Broadly speaking (and there are many different kinds of therapy), therapy looks at our past to identify what needs healing. Life coaching touches on the past to gain insight regarding the obstacles to our success, but from there, coaching work is entirely anchored in the present and the future.

Therapy aims to heal. Life coaching aims to get us what we deeply desire in our lives. Therapy often takes us to functional. Life coaching takes us to optimal.

In therapy, we show up to explore and gain insight. In life coaching we are supported, challenged, and held accountable for taking all necessary actions to reach our specific goals.

So whether you choose therapy or life coaching (or any other practice that speaks to you), don’t put your own joy and purpose on the back burner. Ask yourself what is more important today than an investment in your happiness and freedom?

Carolyn Mahboubi