A Gucci Bag or Your Emotional Health?

Granted it can be a tough choice to make for many of us, I feel uniquely qualified to guide you through this decision!

After all, for over 2 decades, expensive designer handbags are exactly what I sold to my clients. Here is what I can tell you for sure. Almost none of my clients ever needed another handbag. What they needed and wanted was relief from the negative emotions that none of us want to experience. So many people think the wealthy don’t suffer from the same mental and emotional difficulties as those who have less money. This could not be further from the truth. Wealthy folks may not have financial struggles, but they face the same “Gremlins” as anyone else. Gremlins that lead us to believe we are not good/beautiful/smart/rich/capable enough.

Why do we underestimate the value of our own (one and only) life? Why do we spend more of our resources on taking care of our lawn than taking care of our mind and emotions?

There are multiple paths to transforming your life. Making a commitment to working with a Life Coach is one, but not the only, way to create a successful and purposeful life. So the next time you feel the need to buy a designer handbag, or the newest Apple device, ask yourself how you can invest that money in your own emotional growth and happiness. And if you still want the handbag, go for it! The choice to make positive change will always be available to you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts/comments about a time you were faced with this choice and the action you took.

Carolyn Mahboubi