Why I Work with the BEST Clients EVER!

Last week, while listening to one of my all time favorite podcasts, Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais, I had a huge AHA moment.

Michael's guest on the show was Bob Hurley, an entrepreneur who created the brand, Hurley. He said something so profound. And I'm pretty sure it was said much more elegantly that I'm about to rephrase here. Bob Hurley said, " The reason I show up at work everyday and will never retire, is because I want to be around magic. I work and collaborate with people who create magic everyday!"

Bingo, I thought! This is exactly why I'm madly, passionately, and joyfully committed to my clients. I admit that I choose my clients thoughtfully, but once they are on board, I gain more from working with them than words can express.

Each one of my clients stretches my limits and makes me a more powerful human. They teach me how to be more thoughtful, brave, compassionate, creative, inspiring, loving, sensitive, spirited, joyful, generous, and most of all, fearless!

It's a fact that I hold the space for them to achieve their potential and that I understand the process of creating change, but it is always my clients who are doing the work of making each day their masterpiece (Thank you, Coach Wooden!)

Most of all, together, we create magic. Again and again! What could be more wonderful?

Yes, I work with the BEST clients EVER!

Carolyn MahboubiComment